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Type: Sporting Goods
Inventor: Image Shad Swimbait
Company: New Invention Pages
Retail Price: USD $ 5
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The Image Shad swim bait will be slow sinking developed in sizes 6 and 9. The deep sculpture molding process provides fish triggering colors that won't fade internal injection technology. The Image Shad swim bait having ultra-clear durable soft body with internal lead head Premium Mustad 60 degree 5/0 jig hook needle point. Holographic scale like feature and swimming item flash foil system when hit by sun light, moon light, sun rays, and night lights which emulate schooling shad. The Image Shad swim bait Life-like swimming action is Great for all species of fish The Image Shad swim bait is finesse bait that can be fished at fast and slow rates of speed, around docks, rocks, timber, weed lines, bluffs, and points. When outdoor anglers use this bait the fish will strike due to realistic eyes, fins, tails and shad like feature of the lure! The Image Shad swim bait was designed to be thrown and catch predator game fish such as Stripers, Snook, Muskee, Tarpoon, Lunker Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Small mouth Bass and Hybrids. Patent Pending You may contact me 708 Rocky Run Ct Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757)962-2651

A patent pending ornamental design for a fish lure swim bait having an elongated body composed of one solid part of which the head part is composed of a hard lead based material while the rearmost part representing the tail of the lure is composed of a soft and flexible material. The one solid construction developed of plastic are joined together by an adhesive so as to provide an integral lure. The rearmost tail part includes small slits on each side to reduce the thickness so that an integral hinge is formed permitting the tail fin to flex and move simulating swimming motion as the lure is retrieved through the water. Flexible fins and tail are integrally formed with the soft plastic part. The head section of the lure includes an attachment for a fishing line and a hook with a weed guard is included. Guide means are included for aligning the head part with the flexible tail part during attachment. Sound attraction is produced by a rattle device installed in the lower head part complementing the over-all lure ability. A weight is strategically weighed of lead base material in the head part to stabilize the lure.

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Image Shad Swimbait
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